How Brands Create Content to Drive Revenue.

Over the past two decades, “content commerce” has quietly emerged as a multi-billion-dollar industry, becoming intertwined in the lives of millions of consumers around the world. But what exactly is content commerce, and why is it so important?

Simply put, “content commerce” is the merging of online or offline content with marketing and retail, otherwise known as “brand-supported content.”

Content commerce differs from traditional “branded content,” generally exemplified by traditional advertisements starring celebrities or influencers, or brand-created viral content, in that the content is aimed more at leveraging specific communities to drive global revenue growth in new ways.

Nowhere is this trend more innovative than China, where consumers are discovering, buying, and promoting brands in new ways — from livestreamed e-commerce to shoppable television programs and interactive ads.

However, very little news from the fast-moving China market is currently translated into English, leaving international brands at a disadvantage.

That’s where Content Commerce Insider comes in.

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How Brands Create Content to Drive Revenue, Globally.