Plus: Getting Women's Day right, co-branded retail and destinations, and TikTok's data problem.
Plus: Why Lanvin is still in trouble, Longchamp's "Emotionally Unavailable" collab, and Women’s Day results.
Plus: China’s “National Mom," C-Beauty takes on gender narratives, and a surge of Chinese Clubhouse clones.
Plus: Co-branding goes home, in-house secondhand luxury, and our TikTok Take.
Plus: A brand collaboration dream team, Bilibili meets Beckham, and Pinduoduo (briefly) outdoes Taobao.
Plus: BMW’s marriage story, a Lunar New Year holiday wrap-up, and Bilibili's big 2020.
Plus: The business of co-branded experiential hotels, Pfizer's cinematic turn, and our TikTok Take.
Plus: Why Gucci's content-commerce strategy is falling short, Chinese social apps to bet on in 2021, and Perfect Diary collaborates with Disney.
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